Speeches - David Leyonhjelm

Imprisonment without trial

  The High Risk Terrorist Offenders Bill is an assault on basic human rights.

Questioning the Nanny State

I question the ban on e-cigarettes, the new prescription for codeine and the sugar tax.

On the ABCC Bill

The bills to reinstate the ABCC are a mixed bag.  

South Australia needs an intervention

If SA was a person, it'd be an obese 40 y/o who refuses to work and plays X-box all day.

On freedom of speech

18C is misdirected, ineffective, illegimate and inhibits free speech.

Scrap the backpacker tax

The LNP is doing the bidding of the unions.

A disallowance motion to repeal the Adler import ban

The Attorney Generals Department wants to keep incrementally restricting firearms.

Get your grubby paws off super

Taxes on consumption are better than taxes on income.

We shouldn't be forced to wear bike helmets

Only two other countries have mandatory bike helmet laws.

No race-based uni support

Schemes should be designed on need, not race.