My cats - David Leyonhjelm

My cats


My wife and I have three cats. When first elected we had four, which seem to have become part of my political profile.

Oliver is the fluffy white Persian I am holding here. Unfortunately he developed lymphoma in 2016 and passed away. He had a delightful, cheeky personality and is greatly missed.

Tiffy is a Birman, well known thanks to a video on our YouTube page. She lost her hearing for unknown reasons some years ago, and then her eyesight in 2015 due to Cryptococcus. Despite these handicaps she is a happy little girl. She absolutely loves being brushed and also likes to eat spider webs whenever she is allowed outside.

I also have two tabbies: Mia (who is fat) and Ratty (who is merely plump).

Mia had an eye removed in 2015 due to a melanoma - but has since become a very contented, lazy fat cat. She is very placid, loves to roll around on her back, and pokes her humans while purring enthusiastically. Her alternative name is Pokey Paws. 

Ratty has convinced my wife he will die of starvation unless fed the most expensive cat food hand. He is friendly and sociable but a bit on the stupid side. 

In 2015 I wrote an article for the Guardian about my cats and why cats are natural libertarians.