In the News - David Leyonhjelm

Talking TPP, Immigration and Vegemite on Sky

I speak with Peter Van Onselen about the future of the TPP, Australian made products and the need for immigrants to accept Liberal Democratic values.   Continue reading

Interview with Tom Connell, AM Agenda

Talking about whether we should ban the Burqa, Rod Culleton, company tax cuts and childcare.

Politicians entitlements and childcare on Sunrise

Discussing political entitlements and the rising costs of childcare. Continue reading

Red tape and childcare on The Project

I discuss the need to reduce red tape in the increasingly expensive childcare sector.

Speaking on Sky about the AMA and gun control

  How the doctors union made a fool of itself on the subject of gun control.

Discussing the AMA's poor attempt of regulating gun control

I explain how the doctors union is embarrassing themselves on the subject of gun control.

Chatting with Paul Murray Live on taxes and the 'deplorables'

  I discuss cross bench negotiations, taxes and what the mainstream media refer to as "the deplorables".

The hypocrisy of the Human Rights Commission on the Bolt Report

Interview with the Bolt report where I discuss the Human Rights Commission and my 'angry white male' complaint.

ABC and SBS need to be representative

Segment on our deal with the government over the ABCC bill, which helps push the ABC and SBS to be more representative of Australia.

Nick Xenophon bleating for South Australia

Live broadcast on Nick Xenophon promoting South Australia's handout mentality.